Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts #9

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts is hosted by Bookishly Boisterous. This is the place where we can talk about anything that pops into our minds, bookish or otherwise. Your rants (good or bad) are welcome here too. Come and share anything you want with us.

1. Been watching some CNN and I have to admit that I find it very hard to stomach.  The presenter was asking the same question over and over because he was not getting the sensation-filled answers he was looking for.  I know Ebola is a serious decease but is it really helpful to try and start a panic.  I was feeling so sorry for the CDC guy that was just sticking to his guns and trying to be civilized with a presenter that was looking for the soundbite to propel his career.  Just wondering to myself if other people don't notice this too. Do you really believe any story that comes from them if you can see them "fishing" for something to build their ratings?

2.  Sadly Sharknardo 2 did not have the amazingness that was the first one.  Maybe I was not in enough of a silly mood . . . but I am going to try to watch the first one again and compare . . . so sad.

3.  You have to try this!  It is the world's easiest soup and in my opinion one of the yummiest!  Patato and Leek soup with only three ingredients (add a forth if you want to spoil yourself even more).  Boil equal parts patato and leeks until soft.  Bring out our hand blender and mash it all until smooth (I like it a little lumpy) and add a slosh of cream.  Oh my goodness - yum!  The indulging part is crumbled fried bacon on top :)

(photo borrowed from GoodFood website)

4.  I am having a bit of a reading slump.  Every book I start, begins to bore me after just a few hours.  What is wrong with me!  I am not calling them DNF books as I am sure that it is just my mood.  I am just parking them for a bit.  Started THE HUSBAND SECRET now and hopefully this is going to keep me going.  

5.  It is hard to let things go when you know you are right.  But it is just not important enough to argue about.

November is going to be Sci-Fi month.  I love science fiction books and movies but we have a rocky relationship.  It seems to be hit of miss for me.  I am looking for books and movies, so please let me know your favourites, so that I have begin reading . . .


  1. The soup sounds really yummy - and I love easy recipes! Going to have to try it!

    I hope you enjoy The Husband's Secret. It's a good one! And reading slumps are the worst. I went through a few over the past couple of months and it's frustrating.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. You won't be disappointed - it is one of my favourites! Had the last bit this morning . . . yum!

  2. I'm sooo making that soup! I'll add a bit of cheddar :)

  3. That soup looks delicious. I am thinking I need some for lunch.

    I feel the same way about the news. Sometimes it is so obvious they don't care about real information.