About my review policy

                                                                                                                         March 2014

I love and read all genres of books.  At the moment, my favourites are crime and legal thrillers,mysteries, science fiction, horror, biographies and fantasy.

I enjoy books in all formats.  My reviews will appear here on my blog and also on Goodreads. I will consider requests to publish my reviews on other sites on a case-to-case basis. 

At the moment, I am not accepting any review requests from Indie/self published authors as I am trying to catch up with the books  that I already have in my possession.  As soon as I am at a level that feels less shameful, I will again accept requests.

Kindly note that my reviews will only contain my honest opinion although I do strive to find a positive note in all books I review (even if the books was not to my taste).  

I reserve the right to not review (or finish) a book without making the reasons known.


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