Sunday, June 8, 2014

{Movie} Review: The Last Seven


The Last Seven (2010)
Starring:  Tamer Hassan, Simon Phillips, Danny Dyer, Ronan Vibert, Sebastian Street, Daisy Head, Rita Ramnani, John Mawson

A man awakes to find the streets eerily silent and all trace of life completely removed. He has no recollection of what has happened but he will soon discover that he is one of only seven people left alive. He will also discover that he can trust none of his fellow survivors.

My thoughts:
I found another independent film that is worth watching.  This film had me guessing until the surprise ending.  It is difficult to say much without spoiling your enjoyment of the movie, so I will just say if you like post apocalyptic dark stories, this one is for you.  You will not know who to trust until your socks are blown off with the ending.  I really enjoyed this movie.  It is amazing what talent can do with a shoe-string budget.

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