Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts #6

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts is hosted by Bookishly Boisterous. This is the place where we can talk about anything that pops into our minds, bookish or otherwise.  Your rants (good or bad) are welcome here too.  Come and share anything you want with us today.

1.  I had to give up on Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton.  I so wanted to love it but unfortunately it turned out to be just a lot of politics.  No “this happened while I was in the White House”, no it was (up until I gave up) dry, play-by-play, commentary.  It was just “we moved from point A to point B and then the Democrats said this and the Republicans replied with that . . .”  OH.MY.GOODNESS . . . I wanted personal details and stories not history lessons.  I am not even interested in the politics of my own country . . .  very disappointing.  I really like and respect Hillary Clinton and think that she has had a hard public life (especially with a husband like Bill Clinton and the scandal he brought into her life).  I admire how she has come through everything as a strong independent woman.  That is what I wanted to hear about. 

2.  Since I was diagnosed in November last year, I have put most of my hobbies on hold.  It was not just that I did not have the energy, I also lost my mojo.  I did not see the point of going on doing such mundane things when there was some living to be done.  But this past weekend, I picked up my needle again (strange what a upcoming birthday present decision can make you do!).  I have only done a couple of rows of very basic stitches but how I have missed it!  I am eager to sort out our garage this coming weekend and search out the boxes with my supplies that I stored somewhere in a corner.  Here is an example of one of the peyote bracelets I made last year.  I am just making a very basic multi color bracelet as a birthday gift for my boss but it is just put me in such a good mood.


3.  I watched a documentary on Discovery this week about the Busiest Train Station in the world (Japan).  Some of the workers live inside the station in little cubicle worker quarters.  Their airbeds are automatically deflated at a certain time in the morning so that they are not late for work.  I think that is a brilliant idea!  I need it in my bedroom – I hate getting out of the warm bed when the rain is beating against the windows.  Just another 5 minute snooze . . .

4. I loved THE ROSIE PROJECT, I really loved it.  It was a five star read (listen) for me.   When I rated on Goodreads, it automatically tweeted my rating and this morning Don Tillman Phd favored the tweet.  Hie-Hie.  Don Tillman is the fictional lead character of the book.  How sweet is that – “they” (whoever they might be? Publisher?) created a twitter handle for him.  Too cute!  I had to start following . . . I loved the character, so I can imagine what might be said . . .

Hopefully my next week’s reads will be equally enjoyable.  I started Annihilation for a bit of horror and afterwards will start 
Before I go to sleep for some psychological scaryness.  The reviews seem to be glowing, so let’s hope.


5.  I am so looking forward to the weekend – sometimes work can be such a shlepp . . . urgh, wish I could win the lotto!  I am definitely not a career-minded person.  I only work because I have too – I do not have a career, I have a job Smile  Luckily the people I spend my day with are not too bad and on Friday we will be celebrating soccer fever.   Our different departments will be having a goal shooting contest. 

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