Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts #9

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts is hosted by Bookishly Boisterous. This is the place where we can talk about anything that pops into our minds, bookish or otherwise. Your rants (good or bad) are welcome here too. Come and share anything you want with us today.

1.   I previously talked about getting out my beading boxes from storage and dusting them off.  Well, this past Sunday I decided to try something new while looking through my stash.
I really love how this beaded rivoli came out!  I am definitely going to be trying more this coming weekend.

Not so fond of this second one and will most probably be destroying  it soon so that I can use the beads again (wow, beads are sooooo expensive!).  Since making these two brooches, I have gone on an online shopping spree.  I am so glad that internet shopping was invented.  There is absolutely nothing like browsing shops in your favourite comfy chair and buying . . . and buying . . . . and buying . . .

2.  Due to human error *cough cough* I lost my place in my IT (by Stephen King) listening experience . . .  as soon as I get my SD card back, I will search for my place again :)  While I wait, I have started listening to THE RAPTURE, an earlier novel by Liz Jensen (of The Uninvited-fame). Goodreads link

I am really enjoying the story but I want to seriously slap some sense into the main character, Gabrielle Fox.  She is paralyzed from the waist and it feels like every few minutes we have to listen to her inner-monologue about not being a woman because she cannot use her legs.  It gets a bit tedious in the long run but I am trying to slog through as the premise of the story is fascinating.  What would you do if you believed that someone could accurately predict disasters before they happen?  What if they are predicting the end of the world . . .

3.  This song is beautiful and such a wonderful message . . .

4.  Life has been a runaway car this past week - I have hardly taken a breath . . . so I apologize for this short update this week.  I will try to get my ducks in a row . . .


  1. Yes, life is a constant struggle to keep those ducks in a row! Love the images, song, etc. Great beads, too.

    Thanks for sharing...and here's my potpourri of thoughts:

  2. I used to make beaded necklaces to sell on Etsy and kept some and gave some to relatives. Unfortunately my hands don't work well anymore (arthritis, nerve damage) so I had to give it up and gave all my bead & equipment to my daughter and her young daughter. The brooch you made is just beautiful. Keep up the good work and try to get your ducks in a row, lol.

  3. I love love LOVE what you made!! I wish I was a little more talented. Beading is beautiful. I am a huge Stephen King fan... but I haven't read IT. Shocking Shocking yes I know! I am about to listen to that song you posted too!

  4. I LOVE arts and crafts and all the DIY stuff, but I can never make them as pretty as in the instruction sheet ahh. The beaded rivoli you made is so gorgeous though! :))

    Alicia @ Summer Next Top Story