Sunday, March 16, 2014

Polenta Chocolate Cake (yay, for gluten free!)

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My husband has developed a gluten/wheat allergy in the last few years and it has really put a damper on our sweet tooth.  I am not much of a polenta fan but he loves it, so this week I made a polenta chocolate cake and I have to say . . . . yum!  The recipe was from an afrikaans South African magazine, Sarie Kook (which I am a bit fan of - just look at the photo above!).  The recipe can be found here  but I will help with the translation (and my observations) below:

Sarie Kook Chocolate Polenta Cake
250ml water
65ml polenta
125ml butter
200g dark chocolate (I used a bit more - just some mini milk chocolates I had)
4 eggs, devided whites and yokes
1 egg yoke (I used a whole egg and it did not affect the cake)
125ml castor sugar
1 tub of cream cheese

Heat oven to 180c.  Cook the polenta in the water according to instructions (about 5 minutes).  Throw into mixing bowl and add butter and chocolate.  Allow to melt. (I decided to only chop about half finely and leave the other half very roughly chopped - this made little chocolate pockets in the cake).  Beat the egg yokes and half of the sugar till foamy.  Put aside.  Beat the egg whites and rest of the sugar till soft peaks form.  Now add all the different mixtures together very gently.  Pour in greased pan (mine was about 25cm in diameter) and bake for 35 minutes.  Allow to cool.  The recipe calls for the cake to be frosted with only the cream cheese but we are not too fond of the taste, so I added a bit of ready-made cream cheese icing to the plain cream cheese which just gave it a little sweetness.

And that is it!  Definitely worth the extra effort. 
Thank you!


  1. I had to look up "polenta" but it turns out that it is what I thought it was. Interesting. Never would have thought to use it as a sort of flour in cake. Looks fabulous!

  2. I did not realize it was not universally known :)

    It turned out very nicely - I do not like the taste of polenta but this tastes just like a normal cake :)

  3. It may be universally known....I tend to be clueless about the world. That's what I get for giving up tv.