Sunday, April 6, 2014

What I do when I listen to my audiobooks

When I am relaxing and want to do something with my hands while listening to my latest audiobook, I usually bead.  I am a huge peyote fan and make lots of bracelets (

Today though, I was in the mood for something else and while browsing some of the very old blog posts from my previous blog, I remembered my old cross stitch projects.  How can you forget something like that!  It has been more than a year since I touched my main project (which I have been stitching on and off since 2009 – I am sooooooo bad!).  So off I went to the garage and started searching.  Found it!   


This is what it will look like in about another 10 years’ time . . . lol.  I was really madly in love in cross stitching and it was my dream to do a HEAD project (Heaven and Earth Designs).  The patterns are usually very intrigued and very expensive, so I was in heaven when I found this free (supposedly quick stitch) project.  There are quite a few colours, so it took me some time to get it all together (had to buy from some overseas sites as I could not find all the colours here – and my budget forced me to do it over some months).  Finally when I got all of it sorted, I started in September 2009.  Since then life has gotten in the way and I stitch very rarely but today the bug got me again and I stitched for a few (very enjoyable) hours.

Here is where I am today (I wonder if I can iron out the creases?):


What do you do while you listen to your audiobooks?


  1. Nothing exciting - I usually listen to a podcast or two while I'm tidying up or sorting laundry. Occasionally I listen to one at the gym.

    I usually don't bead while I listen to audio fiction, because I prefer to bead and read instead :D This is why I'm a big peyote fan too - if I'm making something very simple but time-consuming with an easy stitch like peyote and just one or two colours, then I can feel my way through the beadwork and focus on the text. I've made loads of jewellery that way. It's relaxing but very productive.

    1. LoL - this still amazes me, Lauren - beading and reading at the same time!

  2. I listen all time; when I'm driving, food shopping, exercising, doing house chores. While I'm on the web just either pining stuff on pinterest or re-blogging on Tumblr (they don't required reading)...LOL