Sunday, February 1, 2015


I am a bit of a techo-phobe.  

It took me years to warm to Facebook.  Today I love it but social media is hard for me to feel comfortable in.  Even today, twitter is not my friend.  I am hoping that Instagram will be a good fit for me.  

The concept intrigues me.  Taking photos and posting them - sounds like something I would enjoy.   I have always felt a bit awkward posting random photos to Facebook, so this might be the perfect solution for me.  I have only posted two photos so far.  Hopefully things will pick up in the next few days, weeks . . . months.

I have been reading a few how-to articles and it does not sound too difficult.  

Unfortunately I have a crappy phone, so I am sure the photos will not be of the quality that I would like but I am upgrading to a new phone in a few months.  Until that time it will have to do.

I would love to hear what you think of Instagram and tips will be most welcome.

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